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Physiotherapy includes the diagnosis, treatment and management of sports related injuries. Assessment of contributing factors, initial treatment, development and management of a Pre / Rehabilitation plan.

Treatment techniques include muscle & fascial release, joint mobilisation, dry needling, strapping & taping, nerve gliding and postural & biomechanical training specific to your sport.


Biokinetics involves rehabilitation of sports related injuries and prehabilitation. It incorporates specific strength and flexibility training as well as education on best biomechanics for you.

Sports massage

Sports massage is one of the best ways to recover from high training loads or stresses. Manual manipulation of your myofascial layers during a targeted massage stimulates blood flow and helps to normalize your muscle tone.


Lyno is the treatment of fascial adhesions throughout your body using a specific manual technique. It s treatment is aimed at unlocking your potential through releasing adhered layers of connective tissue. The fascial restrictions to your movement and strength are a product of your activities, postures and injuries over the years.


Pilates incorporates specific strength and flexibility training, teaching you how to activate and move in the correct sequences. Pilates starts as one-on-one training from where you will progress to group sessions.

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About Beyond Performance

The Beyond Performance Team

Our mission is to help you change your life by improving your physical performance. We are a group of practitioners with the common goal of understanding the cause of your injuries and helping you overcome and prevent them from returning.

Julia Fisher graduated from UCT Physiotherapy in 2006 and received her PhD in Exercise Science from UCT in 2015 after studying the biomechanics of paddling. She worked for Canoeing South Africa for 5 years as the physio for the elite sprint squad, touring with them internationally.

She has completed Ironman, the Two Oceans Ultra, five 500km Expedition Africa adventure races and the Freedom challenge race across South Africa.

Devon Coetzee graduated top of his class from Biokinetics honors at UCT in 2011 and his now writing his PhD in Exercise Science, researching the biomechanics of minimalist running. He is a keen trail runner and rock climber. Devon is enthusiastic and intelligent with a professional passion is to change lives through improving physical ability. Devon has also been trained in sports massage allowing him to provide hands-on treatment alongside exercise prescription within his sessions.

He has worked at ABSA Cape Epic and Wines to Whales and has completed African X multi-day trail run as well as the Marmouth 70 km trial run.

Bridget Ellwood has chosen pilates as her tool to provide you with the healthy advantage. For her, a proactive and positive approach is the best way to meet the challenge of improving your physical abilities head-on. Bridge is intelligent, professional and motivational; making her pilates classes a privilege to attend.

Bridget is a runner and rock climber, nature and the outdoors are close to her heart. She is committed to what she believes; the better you look after your greatest gift (your body) the more you will be able to enjoy it.

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