Juicing for athletes: Beetroot

Beets are an affordable natural multivitamin, and are filled with disease-fighting and anti-inflammatory benefits. The bright purple colour means they’re packed with rich antioxidants, which promote health, great skin and anti-aging benefits.They are also a great root to add to a detox or a cleanse. They cleanse the blood, kidneys and colon, and can also help revive the liver. Great for reducing cholesterol and fighting heart disease, this superfood also provides B-complex vitamins to improve mental health and clarity.

beet juice

Incorporating this rich, beautiful root will provide many health-boosting benefits. Beets are very versatile and can be included in many recipes. You can bake them or boil them and toss some olive oil on them, then add them as a side dish or to a salad. You can puree them and add them to a desert. My favourite is to juice them and put all those healthy benefits straight to work.

Beetroot juice has become a secret-weapon-of-choice among athletes seeking natural performance enhancement. In one University of Exeter study, nine club-level cyclists finished three percent faster in 2.5- and 10-mile trials when they imbibed a half-liter (about four eight-ounce glasses) of beetroot juice pre-race compared to when they rode beetless. The juice contained about three to five beets and was taken three hours before the trial, said study author Professor Andrew Jones, PhD, Head of Sport and Health Science at University of Exeter. Drinking the beetroot juice led to higher power output for the same level of effort exerted, found researchers, suggesting the juice led to more efficient muscle and cardio performance. Regular consumption is believed to be more beneficial than chugging on race day, say researchers, and the purple stuff seems to improve short, rigorous spurts of exercise better than it dose longer, lower-intensity workouts. The nitrate in beets widens blood vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure and ushering more oxygen-rich blood to the muscles.

Beet juice recipe 1:
Make It: Juice 3 carrots; 2 kale leaves; 1 beet with green leaves; 1-inch-chunk ginger root; 1organic lemon with skin; and 1 clove garlic

Beet Juice recipe 2:

1 beet, cleaned and chopped
2 carrots, cleaned and chopped
4-6 strawberries, cleaned
About a cup or handful of grapes
1 apple


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