Day:          Every Wednesday
Time:        17h30 sign in, 17h45 sharp run starts.
Place:       Trail and Tar or alternate
Duration:  60 minutes.

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WALKERS:  Brisk Walk
SUPA CHILLED: Easy pace 7min/km walk the steep climbs
NICE N EASY: Good pace 6min/km run the climbs
NO PAIN NO GAIN: Steady 5 min/km some steep climbs
PAIN: Steep climbs, flat out…..

If you start in a group, you finish in that group.  All groups will have a runner in charge, and all will re group on a constant basis to ensure no one gets left behind.

Groups will start individually and all runs will not be over 60 minutes.

As always I will have ICE COLD COKES at the end for all.
Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

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