Boom! Here is the 2016 Lesotho Sky Route

Trail and Tar has actively been punting this event to the local riders in Cape Town. Why? Because its bloody awesome mountain biking thats why. So here’ s and update for all you riders who have entered the 2016 event directly from race organiser’s, Darol and Christian.

The theme song of Top Gun is playing in the background, seven fighter jets break the sound barrier overhead, Maluti lagers flow aplenty. That’s how we imagined the route launch for today, but our budget is tight, so this blogpost will suffice.

Lesotho Sky route 2016

We are massively excited about this year’s race. The 2016 route, as always, is the best one yet. It will be the longest route since 2012 but probably the route closest to how we want to be. The new addition – and our gift to the world of mountain biking – is the final stage in Semonkong. Last year we scrambled to put together a short stage at the last minute in Semonkong; this time we had a few months. The route last year was awesome; this year we fail to describe it sufficiently in written word.

The route will take riders close to edge of the spectacular Maletsunyane Gorge on a 10km singletrack we’ve dubbed The Wild Goose. A trail you will wish never ends. It will be the Wild Goose chase of your life. Even the race leaders will stop to take selfies.

And because it so amazing, we will open the final stage to the public. This provides an excellent opportunity for friends and family to join in the same vibe all the Lesotho Sky heroes have experienced over the last five days. Public day participants will be able to choose between the full final stage distance or a shorter stage. For this reason, we have also moved the 2016 race to start on a Monday and finish on a Saturday. This allows the final stage to be a public day, and gives riders more room to explore Lesotho before the start of the event.

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